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Thin Viking Silver Ring

Thin Viking Silver Ring

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925 sterling silver ring handwoven by inmates. Scroll down to learn more about this collection.


* This collection is made to order; Please allow extra processing time. These bangles are meticulously handmade as part of our silver training initiative and will vary slightly in color, size, and appearance. We proudly embrace this individuality, as every piece is as unique as the hands that made it.

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The Wired collection was born out of need and ingenuity during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

With no one allowed to enter the prison to bring materials and very few sales due to the lack of tourism, there were very few orders for the Mules team to work on. Instead of stagnating and resigning to their cells, our Mules team recycled old silver pieces of jewelry into long strands of wire and began to learn how to weave them together. The Wired collection is a unique combination of braiding, twisting, and interweaving sterling silver wires of different thicknesses.

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You bet it is! Learn more here or check us out on instagram.

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